Yodle Essentials, Lighthouse and Centermark are Yodle’s main client-facing dashboards and are used by 40k+ small businesses throughout the country. I led the interface design on all three, working closely with a team of interaction designers, product managers, software engineers, and front-end developers in an agile environment.

Yodle Essentials

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  • ess-offers
  • ess-reviews
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  • Allows SMBs to request and manage customer reviews for a large number of sites (such as Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yext and Yahoo) without leaving the platform.
  • Offers analytics such as data on call leads and voicemails that are made directly from unique Yodle websites (adversite). SMBs can also rate leads and make notes about prospective customers.
  • Offers back end management for Yodle websites (such as discount creation), performance tracking, and CRM management tailored to the business’ unique style.
  • Redesign an outdated visual system with a newly created set of interactions.
  • Create a branded style guide as a visual template for each current and future uniquely branded product.
A Sample of the New UI Library


Yodle Mobile Dashboard

The Mobile Dashboard is a special version of Essentials, and Yodle’s first mobile product, that displays the functions that are most necessary for a business owner to use while on the go.

  • interactive-yo-mobile-1
  • interactive-yo-mobile-2
  • interactive-yo-mobile-3


Lighthouse is a leading retention platform acquired from Lighthouse 360 in 2013. Since then, Yodle has more than doubled Lighthouse 360’s original client base, and has generated more than $45 million in company revenue between January and June 2014.

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Centermark is a product for Yodle for Brand Networks, Yodle’s national department, making it the national counterpart to Essentials. It is used by large franchisors such as AAMCO, MAACO and Miracle Ear.

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  • cm-1-tablet