Yodle’s client websites are uniquely branded SEO optimized sites geared at gaining leads. Mission: create 40,000 responsive sites without asking our clients to do more than upload a few photos.

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Yodle’s client websites were probably the most dynamic project I’ve worked on, with the most moving parts and unpredictable content. An enhanced web presence today, especially for small businesses, is crucial to stay competitive. However, maintaining a website was a task we didn’t want our users to be concerned about—that was our job.

The biggest challenge was creating visually modern, responsive websites that also matched individual businesses’ brands. With specific algorithms, we developed a system that could determine quite a bit from our users’ uploaded photos and business segment, resulting in 40,000+ websites that allowed each business to stay competitive in their respective markets and locations.


User Research
Interaction Design
User Interface Design
Photo Editing

Former Yodle Adversites


Redesigned Yodle Adversites (Sample)