I believe design should be used for the greater good whenever possible, and I’ve been fortunate enough to use art and design as a way to address one of the issues I’m most passionate about: taking care of planet Earth.

Google Marine Protected Areas: Digital paintings and vector illustrations for Google Earth

Below are digital paintings of habitats, and illustrations of underwater species used in a Google Earth interactive project. The project educates about the state of marine life around the world in protected and unprotected areas. I created the illustrations from scratch, and directed the behavior of the graphics and content when users interact with the application.

More details about this project can be found at piscoweb.org.

Research and Preliminary Sketches
Digital Illustration and Painting

Completed for the Marine Science Institute






Climate Change Biology: Illustrated Textbook Graphics


This is a selection of illustrations from a pool of about 80 that I had completed for the textbook, Climate Change Biology, published in 2010. It was written by Professor Lee Hannah of the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara. I worked closely with Lee to execute each illustration so that they accurately depict the complex data and messaging that needed to be communicated. This required a heavy amount of research and iteration on both the writers’ and my part. Climate Change Biology is currently the only advanced student text on the biological aspects of climate change.*


Layout and Typography
Vector illustration
Traditional/Digital Drawing

Created for the Marine Science Institute, UCSB

Yodle: SMB Infographic


Yodle focuses on helping small businesses (SMBs) get more clients, and in doing that, learns as much about the SMB as possible. This infographic I illustrated takes the results of an extensive report and displays it in an easily digestible and visually intriguing way. It is used in articles across the web to supplement information about small businesses in the US.
Color Studies
Visual Design