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Research-backed email copywriting for coaches, course creators, and health businesses

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You know your stories, your offers and your messaging…

But when it’s time to deeply connect with your prospects…

Writing emails to your list can feel like a daunting task.


Because when you’re so close to your work, it can be easy to want to say everything (or not know what to say at all)…

And you find yourself staring at an empty page on your screen yet again.

On top of all that… you run a business!

And when you’re focused on shooting videos for your course…

Writing your book… having sessions with your clients and patients…

Or running numbers for your products to get them into people’s hands…

Your plate may feel too full to handle anything else.

I get how tough this can be since an engaged email list is a huge factor in making sales.

You want your emails done right, and that can feel like a lot of pressure.

This is where I come in…

I'm Karoleen, a direct response copywriter for coaches, course creators, and health businesses.

I specialize in writing engaging email copy so your prospects can know, like and trust you…

And develop the loyalty needed to click your “Buy” button.

With the right words and automations…

I remove the friction between your prospects and your much-needed solutions…

Which leads to satisfied customers and more money in your bank account.

My copy is deeply informed by my experience as a trauma-informed self-development coach, and 15 years as a UX/UI designer/researcher.

See, as a coach, I help clients remove the blocks that keep them from achieving their goals…

And as a designer, I built user-friendly tools for tech companies in healthcare, mental health and education so customers could accomplish complex tasks with ease.

As a copywriter… I write emails that get the click…

So prospects can convert with clarity, confidence and quickness.

(And yes… even with AI, it takes a human touch to help you communicate your unique stories.)

Now, I’d love to learn about you!

Contact me so you can…

  • Save time and get email copywriting off your plate…
  • Get data quickly to make well-informed business decisions…
  • And build strong, profitable relationships with your customers over time

"She was an absolute godsend just when I needed it most!"

I found myself in the amazing position of kicking off a dream-come-true opportunity to teach a course that I knew was going to help countless people and catapult my business to the next level. And I was at a complete loss on how to close, even with a warm audience.

Enter Karoleen. She was an absolute godsend just when I needed it most!

Her trauma training, corporate background and insightful creativity was a game changer and took all the pressure off. Karoleen was so easy to work with, especially in the middle of a busy launch. She held my hand the entire time, asking penetrating questions I never would have considered, then worked her magic in the background.

The email flow she crafted for the end of my launch and cart close beautifully communicated exactly what people could expect going through the course and why now is the right time for them.

For all your copywriting needs, I cannot recommend Karoleen enough! Even if you have the time and ability to write your own copy, this is an instance where it’s far more profitable to let the professional do her thing, knowing that she will deliver top-notch copy, help you see your own products in a whole new way and open up your calendar so you can focus on what most needs your direct attention.

—Amy, trauma recovery coach

My Writing Process

Research & brand awareness

Before writing, there’s research. Truly knowing who your audience is and what matters to them are key to communicating the message that helps them fall in love with your brand and offers.

I take my years of research experience to do a quick but thorough deep dive into your:

Brand, offerings, business values, customer personas, current analytics, stakeholder perspectives, etc…

So I can create messaging that makes the strongest connection with your audience.

Empathy & ethical marketing

As a trauma-informed coach and business owner, I value ethical, honest marketing that not only drives conversions...

But does so with empathy, compassion, and acknowledgment of where the reader is in the moment.

Transparency, authentic urgency, and safety during every point of contact with your business are key to establishing trust with your audience.

Systems & automations

Systems thinking excites me. I'll work with you to strategize automated sequences that deeply engage with readers over time.

These can include:

• Welcome sequences from opt-ins
• Consumption emails for programs and courses
• Cart abandon and list rehab sequences to re-engage prospects, and more...!

Timely & efficient communication

My whole career has involved the creation and delivery of marketing and digital product artifacts.

It’s important to me that you feel reassured in your business and that the sequences and plans we decide together launch as intended.

After all, my goal is to do the heavy lifting with your email marketing so you can free up your time and energy to focus on what drives you the most!

Send emails that work

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"We would strongly recommend giving Karoleen's services a try. You won't regret it!!"

It was truly a great experience working with Karoleen on some of our most recent email marketing campaigns-more specifically during our Black Friday holiday sales event. Before her guidance, using email marketing was a last minute thought and not very structured.

Karoleen was patient and understanding of our company's needs and had a thorough grasp of our overall brand's feel and identity. She expressed our vibe and energy very well in the copy sent to our readers. That's one of the biggest and hardest challenges to connect on with other businesses at times BUT was no problem here. She's very personable to collaborate with and that is readily apparent in all of her work!!

Moving forward, we will definitely build upon and implement all the techniques that we learned to capture and engage our audience. Providing structure, well thought out communication and sound strategy is something that we highly valued.

We would strongly recommend giving Karoleen's services a try. You won't regret it!!

—Mike Sala, Founder/CEO of Solepack, physical therapist

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