Hi, I’m Karoleen, artist and designer based in NYC. I’m currently a Senior Designer at Veryday doing innovative work in the healthcare space, and have been working in product technology over the last few years. My design career has involved a variety of projects in which I’ve crafted brands, marketing campaigns, and entire enterprise platforms for start-ups, small businesses, environmental protection, and education among others. I care deeply about working with teams who push the boundaries in the pursuit of increasing quality of life and using design to solve complex problems.

I take a human-centered approach to my work, utilizing deep research to bring clients on a collaborative journey into design and implementation. My greatest joy lies in mentoring others throughout this process, whether it’s my teams or clients, as we work to continue establishing design as a fundamental tool for any effective business.


Art is my form of storytelling, in which I combine textures and subjects to create complex worlds that often provoke deep thinking. I’ve been drawing and painting since a young age, eventually receiving my B.A. in Art from UC Santa Barbara in 2008. My focus has been in acrylic and oil painting in recent years, with a history of ink drawing and illustration as well. Today, I participate in art shows throughout NYC, most recently at the Con Artist Collective. Prints of my work can be purchased at society6.com.

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